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Forever Clear BBL

What is Forever Clear BBL?

Introducing the Sciton Forever Clear BBL treatment, the saving grace for individuals experiencing inflammatory acne. Simplify your skincare routine with a clear skin treatment that uses broadband light to zap stubborn acne and clear the skin.

This non-invasive laser procedure combines blue, yellow and infrared lights to reach the root cause of acne breakouts by destroying the bacteria. 

With no need to use medicine or creams, the complex technology of Forever Clear BBL addresses problem areas comfortably and without pain. Through the power of IR light, the process stimulates collagen, which naturally regenerates skin cells and reduces inflammation.

  • Stimulates collagen production
  • Noticeable results within 5-7 days
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Clears inflammatory acne
  • Destroys bacteria and rejuvenates skin cells
  • Can treat the face, neck, back, shoulders and
  • Redness
  • Acne
  • Acne-scaring
  • Pigmentation
  • Individuals
    that don’t want to use creams
  • Teens that
    want a alternative acne treatment

How much does Forever BBL laser treatment cost?

  • We offer great packages and payment plans


    per session
What to expect at The Skin Lab?

What to expect at The Skin Lab?

Before beginning the Forever Clear BBL treatment, The Skin Lab team will assess the area of concern to determine the
treatment plan needed. We will speak with you to discover which areas you want to treat, what concerns you have and how we can get optimal results.

During the procedure, you will be given eye protection goggles. Patients may feel minimaln discomfort as one of our Laser Technicians applies the BBL handpiece to the surface.

The first uses blue light to reach the root of the acne-causing areas, eliminating the bacteria in the pores.

The process consists of three passes:

  1. The first uses blue light to reach the root of the acne-causing areas, eliminating the bacteria in the pores
  2. The second glide will use a yellow light to reduce redness and prevent future breakouts
  3. To complete your treatment, an infrared light rapidly presses the surface area in the third pass. This will stimulate collagen and initiate the natural healing process of the body to smooth out the appearance of scars

Forever BBL FAQs

If you are tired of using creams, ointments or medication then Forever Clear BBL treatment is ideal for you. Though the results are temporary, they are widely effective and is available for a variety of individuals.

The number of treatments you need are dependent on the severity of your current acne or scar tissues, but most individuals will suffice with 4-6 sessions. Once you have reached your desired results, they can last up to 4-months, however regular upkeep will maintain

The novel treatment is extremely effective and favoured by many individuals with acne, however, it does require a series of sessions to treat the area and maintain results.

Fortunately, the non-invasive treatment is renowned for its minimal side effects and downtime. However, due to the nature of BroadBand Light therapy, a slight, sunburn-like sensation could darken some areas of the skin and potential cause redness, bruising or swelling for a short period of time.

Our Laser Technicians are highly experienced in treating patients with a variety of skin-types, which is considered extensively during the consultation process. However, some skin types are more receptive to blue light (known as Opsin 3 or OPN3).

As this particular treatment is powered by blue light technology, it can cause temporary inflammation and worsen hyperpigmentation. In this instance, we would treat darker skin types with red light lasers opposed to blue light lasers. 

The number of sessions required to achieve optimal results varies and will depend on skin concerns, goals and expectations. On average, we recommend at least 2 sessions every 4-6 weeks.

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