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Elite+ Laser Hair Removal

Cynosure Elite+ Medical Grade Laser Hair Removal

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective solution to resolve unwanted hair problems.

At The Skin Lab's Killarney clinic, we use top of the range Cynosure Elite+ lasers for laser hair removal, that are effective and safe.  The Cynosure Elite+ utilizes advanced technology to target hair follicles with precision, delivering remarkable results for all skin types. It combines the Alexandrite laser with the YAG laser for high-performance treatment capabilities in terms of speed, efficacy, ease-of-use, performance, safety and patient satisfaction. Individual results vary and depend on a few factors, however, most of our clients achieve permanent results. 

  • Hormonal hair growth
  • Dark, thick and course hair
  • Facial hair
  • All skin types
  • Painless and effective hair removal
  • Permanent result
  • Little or no downtime
  • Quick treatment time
  • Prevents cuts, burns or scars caused by shaving
  • Minimal discomfort
  • Eliminates ingrown hair

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Laser hair removal before and after

Please allow 6-8 weeks between laser hair removal sessions. Hair must be treated during the active growing stage. Heat treatments are not permitted for 24/48 hours after the laser treatment (sauna, steam room, hot showers or baths and swimming).

Please don’t apply makeup for 24-hours, unless you use mineral based products which can be applied immediately after & at our clinic. Perfumed products should also be avoided for 24/48 hrs after visit. SPF 30+ is recommended for 4 weeks after on areas exposed to sunlight.

Tanning the skin is not advised between treatments. The skin needs to be as pale as possible for optimum results. Aloe Vera gel may be applied to sooth skin if necessary afterwards. Avoid waxing or tweezing of the hairs is permitted between treatments, as a root must be present in the follicle in order for the laser to work. Shaving is permitted as often as you wish between treatments.

For body areas, clients must arrive to the clinic with the area to be treated shaved for the treatment, or else a charge of €50 will be incurred. In the unlikely/ rare event that a blister/burn should occur, you can apply an over the counter ointment.

Do not burst the blister as this may leave a mark on the skin. Apply three times daily. Avoid exposing the area to sunshine, as you may increase risk of pigmentation.

Get in touch with our team in our Killarney clinic if you have any concerns post procedure.

What to expect at The Skin Lab?

What to expect at The Skin Lab?

On your arrival, we will work through a comprehensive questionnaire, where you’ll be asked about any skin conditions or health conditions you may have. We’ll also need to know about any medication or supplements you may be taking.

We will then carry out a patch test with the laser on all parts of the body that you require laser hair removal on. The areas should be moitored for 24 hours for any reaction.

You should avoid waxing and plucking hairs atleast for four to six weeks prior to the treatment. Within 24 hours of the treatment, please ensure that your skin is shaved and you have no fake tan or moisturiser applied ahead of your consultation. If you have any fake tan on your skin, it may not be possible to proceed with the laser hair removal treatment on that day.

During the treatment, you will be given protective eye goggles and a cold gel to protect the skin and minimize side effects.

Laser Hair Removal Prices - 6 visit courses available with 30% off

  • Lip


  • Chin


  • Lip & Chin


  • Neck


  • Lower Legs


  • Full Legs


  • Full Legs & Bikini


  • Bikini


  • Extended Bikini


  • Full Bikini


  • Underarm


  • Arms


  • Shoulders


  • Back


  • Chest


  • Chest & Back


Laser Hair Removal FAQs

Laser hair removal uses precise and specific light technology to target only hair follicles, leaving the treated area permanently hair free after only a few sessions.

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and is not a laser. It targets the hair follicle but because it uses a scattered light approach, it’s not as targeted and can’t be used on very dark skin.

In most cases 6-8 sessions will provide best results, however additional top up appointments are required to address new hair growth.

Hormonal hair growth can only be managed, not eliminated as it is caused by underlying conditions.

Waxing or tweezing removes hair follicles. Laser treatment targets the hair follicles under the skin's surface. The laser can best remove them, if they are strong, healthy and present.

As the laser targets the pigment in the hair follicles, the darker the hair, the best the results are. Very fair, blond hair is not ideal for this treatment.

Tanned skin cannot be treated, as the skin will absorb too much energy.

Laser hair removal is a long-lasting solution to reduce hair growth, but it is not permanent. Annual top-up sessions are required to eliminate any regrowth. Outcomes depend on various factors such as treatment area and hormonal changes.

Laser hair removal can cause minimal discomfort. Certain areas are more sensitive and painful than others. Numbing creams and cooling devices can be used to reduce pain during the procedure.

Laser hair removal is considered safe when performed by a qualified professional. However, like all medical procedures, there are potential risks such as skin irritation, pigmentation changes, and infection. A consultation and a patch test are required prior any treatment.

It's not recommended to have laser hair removal during pregnancy. Hormonal changes during pregnancy can affect hair growth and the safety of laser treatment is not well established for pregnant women.

It is advisable to avoid any heat, saunas, swimming or the application of make up for 24hrs before the treatment. Avoid waxing or tweezing as a root must be present in the follicle in order for the laser to work. Avoid any tanning too. The area must be shaven before the treatment.

Yes, you can shave a few days after laser hair removal treatments.

Laser hair removal is safe for the face when performed by a qualified professional. It is important to discuss the benefits and risks with a therapist as certain skin types and hair colours my not respond to laser hair removal.

To avoid irritating the skin after laser hair removal, it is best to wait at least 24hrs to have a shower. Following this time, you can wash as normal. If in doubt, speak to your therapist.

Laser hair removal is a safe and effective solution to resolve unwanted hair problems. Individual results vary and depend on a few factors. This treatment works by delivering an intense beam of light, which is absorbed by the skin and converted to heat. The heat is then absorbed by the targeted skin cells, leaving the surrounding skin unaffected and removing the hair follicle.

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What Our Clients Say

I had the pleasure of happening accross The Skin Lab recently and subsequently having treatments there. I am extremely impressed by the services offered and professionalism of the staff. Having always cared for my skin and had regular facials, I was astounded by the difference after even one facial.. my skin is exceptional since and the compliments are flowing! I would recommend without hesitation

Michael O'Sullivan

Highly recommend the Skin Lab. My skin is glowing! I always get great recommendations on what products I need. The girls are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about their work. They just recommend what I need and never over sell.

Brenda Carmody

I cannot recommend The Skin Lab enough...I had the resurfacing laser treatment and I am thrilled with the results. I found Claire to be so professional and experienced in her field of expertise....the girl has healing hands people!!! She also recommended some homecare products which were extremely effective in treating my particular skin concern. Couldn't be happier, I would highly recommend a visit. Thanks again The Skin Lab.

Ciara Murphy

Lovely staff members at the reputable skin lab in Kerry, makes you feel very comfortable from start to finish and are very helpful and knowledgeable about the treatment they provide. All areas are very clean and tidy.

Moira Godley

While working with Claire I found that she showed great professionalism and was able to carry out treatment with diligence. She also knew exactly what products I should use to go with her treatment in order to clear up my acne (and was very open to questions with regards to those products) which had noticeably cleared within a few weeks after treatment and use of the products she recommended.

James Carmody

Super recommend it! ... Claire is really kind and an excellent professional! The place is comfortable and they have a specific treatments for you. By the way, the product that they have in there, are amazing!

Débora Estevão

My skin is glowing since I started visiting the Skin Lab and using all recommended products.

Denise Uí Bheaglaoi

I have been going to Claire since she opened 3 years ago for my skin. She is always so welcoming, friendly and beyond professional. There is nothing that Claire doesn't know when it comes to skin. I wouldn't trust any one or any where else with my skin. Highly recommend The Skin Lab, Claire and Shauna to anyone who wants to invest in their skin.


Had a skin consultation with Claire last week and found it extremely helpful. She set out a clear skin routine for me and was very reasonable when it came to choosing products. Claire was very efficient and organised and had my products sent out to me within an hour of the consultation. I would highly recommend the skin lab to people.

Roisin Begley

I highly recommend the Skin Lab! During my consultation, Claire explained to me very clearly what was going on with my skin, and importantly how I could remedy. Within one month of following her instructions my skin transformed, and it really has never looked (or felt) better. Claire is an expert and I really trust her advice and care!

Sophie Daly

If there were 6 stars The Skin Lab would get it.
I had been going to Claire for 10 months pre lockdown and my skin hadn't looked so good since my early 20s. I really didn't want to let all of our hard work in clinic go to waste so Claire has been working with me prescribing the most effective at home skin peels. They really are the nearest thing you will get to treatment in the clinic. I really can't wait for the clinic to open up again and hope up on that bed! If you are looking for a results-driven friendly & professional clinic then I highly recommend The Skin Lab.

Sue-Ellen Carroll

I've been going to The Skin Lab for 3 years having suffered with Adult Acne for 8 years. I've been to many Aestheticians and Dermatologists but none have come close to The Skin Lab. The level of knowledge both Claire and Shauna have is unbelievable and they genuinely want you to see results so they will not let you buy or try a treatment they know won't work for your issue. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Sharon Fleming

I had the pleasure of happening accross The Skin Lab recently and subsequently having treatments there. I am extremely impressed by the services offered and professionalism of the staff. Having always cared for my skin and had regular facials, I was astounded by the difference after even one facial.. my skin is exceptional since and the compliments are flowing! I would recommend without hesitation

Elaine Dennehy

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