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About The Skin Lab

Founded in 2017 The Skin Lab is a leading laser and skin clinic.

What we do

The Skin Lab Aesthetic Clinic offers the latest in cosmeceutical and dermal science devices. Seamlessly paired with dermal clinicians and cosmetic physicians.

The results? Unrivaled skincare treatments, that provide clients with healthy, rejuvenated and radiant skin.

How we do it

Every client that comes through our door is nurtured through a bespoke plan, tailored just for them. With a focus on rejuvenating, resurfacing and refining our clients complexion.

We want you to sit back and relax while our team rid your congestion, refine your complexion and give you beautiful, healthy skin.

Claire Scannell The Skin Lab



Welcome to our clinic, where expertise meets innovation. As the owner, I bring dual foundation degrees—one in diathermy in the removal of benign skin lesions, and another in laser and light therapy. I'm dedicated to crafting inventive strategies to propel our clinic forward. Continuously staying abreast of evolving trends in medical aesthetics ensures we deliver safe and cutting-edge treatments, setting top standards in our industry. 


Business Development Manager


Meet Erin, our indispensable Business and Operations Manager, the cornerstone of our team and the driving force behind our company’s smooth operation. With meticulous attention to detail,Erin expertly manages administration and logistics, ensuring precision and efficiency in every aspect of our business. Her unwavering dedication and leadership are instrumental in our success, allowing us to focus on delivery of exceptional service to our clients.Erin’s invaluable contributions ensure that our company functions harmoniously to achieve our goals.




Meet Margaret, our esteemed Doctor at The Skin Lab, with an advanced diploma in medical aesthetics and extensive experience as an injector for a leading European medical aesthetic company. With a dentistry background, Margaret seamlessly transitioned into medical aesthetics, driven by a passion for enhancing natural beauty and facial harmony. Committed to subtle enhancements, she rejuvenates appearances by addressing volume loss and restoring facial symmetry. Margaret’s keen eye for detail ensures natural-looking results, delivering a refreshed appearance to her patients.


Aesthetic Nurse


Louise is our esteemed Aesthetic Nurse, boasting an impressive 20 years of industry experience and a profound dedication to advancing skin health. She specialises in a wide array of treatments, including laser resurfacing, BBL (Broadband Light), chemical peels, PRP (Platelet-Rich Plasma), PRF (Platelet-Rich Fibrin), and skin boosters like Profhilo. Louise’s expertise extends into the realm of regenerative medicine, where she demonstrates a significant interest and enthusiasm for exploring innovative approaches to holistic skin rejuvenation.




Meet Lavinia, our devoted Laser, and Skin Specialist, holding a foundation degree in laser and light therapy. With eight years hands-on experience, including four years at The Skin Lab, Lavinia brings a wealth of expertise to her practice. Her passion for skincare shines through in her meticulous client care and dedication to delivering exceptional results. Lavinia takes great pride in her work, striving for outstanding outcomes in skin treatments and laser hair removal procedures for her clients.




Meet Kelly, our esteemed Medical Secretary with a diploma in medical administration and extensive experience in top medical practices. Focused on client care, Kelly ensures seamless journeys from appointment scheduling to follow-up care. Her expertise in front desk management and client needs guarantees smooth clinic operations. Recognised for her exceptional attention to detail and patience, Kelly is committed to providing the highest level of service and support to clients throughout their experience at The Skin Lab.


Our brand values

We pride ourselves on being at the forefront of safety and innovation, while providing excellence for our clients.

  • Safety
  • Innovation
  • Excellence
Book a Consultation

Book a Consultation

If you would like to book a consultation at The Skin Lab, get in touch with the team using one of the following methods.

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