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What is SkinTyte?

Age gracefully with SkinTyte, the powerful non-surgical treatment that improves and enhances skin laxity. The procedure retracts common signs of aging on the skin, by smoothing out wrinkles and restoring the skins youthful complexion without needles or injections.

Known as one of the most effective treatments to achieve younger looking skin, SkinTyte is a much sought after infrared light technology, that creates remarkable results that can last up to a year. 

  • Restores a youthful contour of the face
  • Non-surgical procedure
  • Light-based treatment with no downtime
  • Appropriate for all skin types
  • Long-lasting results
  • Fine lines
    and wrinkles
  • Loss of
    elasticity in the skin laxity
  • Tightening
    the appearance of sagging or loose skin

How much does SkinTyte laser treatment cost?

  • We offer great packages and payment plans


    per session
What to expect at The Skin Lab?

What to expect at The Skin Lab?

As no skin type is the same, it’s important that our Laser technician or nurse personalise your treatment to fit your unique goals. During the consultation process, we will determine the number of sessions you may need to achieve your desired look.

During the treatment, we’ll gently apply the laser over the area you wish to treat four times. With every stroke, heat will be applied to stimulate collagen and smoothen the surface.

The process will last around 30-minutes a time, but as it is a non-invasive procedure with minimal downtime, you will be comfortable throughout.

SkinTyte FAQs

Results can depend on the individual, the severity of the treatment required, and the targeted area. Most individuals should expect to see results after 3-months post treatment, which can last anywhere between 3-12 months after.

This is a highly effective, non-surgical corrective treatment for improving skin laxity, though it may take a number of sessions. The combination of infrared energy and heat, stimulates the body’s natural healing properties to tighten the skin.  

Following the treatment you may experience a sunburn sensation, though it will only last a few minutes. In some extremely rare cases, a patient’s skin may blister, but all of this will be explained by your practiononer  during your consultation.

One of the benefits of SkinTyte is that results can be noticed after the first session. However, we’d typically recommend a series of 3 or 5 treatments.

For a fresher, youthful look, you may want to use the SkinTyte treatment around the eyes and forehead to lift the skin around the eyes. It is safe to use on the eyelids however it can cause minor swelling and bruising so this needs to be considered by the patient.

As we age, the skin loses its laxity, which can cause sagging or wrinkles in the skin.  The treatment is suitable for individuals that wish to improve the skin laxity, targeting areas like the face, neck and stomach. 

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