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Diathermy or thermocoagulation is a treatment that uses an ultrarapid radiofrequency. This precision technique is used to coagulate certain superficial cutaneous imperfections in order to minimize their appearance or to completely eliminate them.

At The Skin Lab we use the Apilus device for Diathermy. This revolutionary device allows our specialists to make use of 13.56 or 27.12Mhz current. This current speed allows for a virtually pain free treatment.

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Benefits of Diathermy

The Treatment

A typical treatment takes around 15-30min and it takes 1-2 sessions to achieve the desired result. Immediately after the treatment, the patient will see a significant improvement in their imperfection if not a total eradication.

A very fine needle is used to prick the skin over the thread veins and spider veins and then an electrical current is passed through the vein which is heated and sealed. Over the course of a few weeks, the vein withers and disperses and becomes much less noticeable or completely disappears.
After treatment, the skin may be pink or puffy in more sensitive areas but this will settle in a few hours. A healing process then starts and the final results will be apparent 4 to 6 weeks after treatment.

There are no known side effects. The client suffers no bruising, scarring or similar and there is no downtime, In addition, there is no requirement to avoid sunlight, as with other treatments, although we do recommend sun protection as general skin care advice.

Diathermy is safe to use on all skin types, but if you have any concerns a discreet patch test should be carried out first.

A thorough skin consultation is carried out, concentrating on helping you understand the procedure, possible side effects, and the importance of after care.


This treatment may not be suitable in the presence of: Keloid or raised scarring on targeted area, History of actinic (solar) keratosis, History of Herpes, Simplex infections, History of diabetes, Presence of raised moles, warts or any raised lesions on the targeted area, This treatment cannot be used in the presence of: Scleroderma, collagen vascular diseases or cardiac abnormalities, Rosacea and blood clotting problems, Active bacterial or fungal infection, Immuno-suppression ,Scars less than 6 months old ,Facial fillers less than 6 months old, Pregnancy, Prescription Blood Thinning Drugs, Metallic Implant


After treatment, the skin may be pink or puffy in more sensitive areas but this will settle in a few hours.  This is a natural response that prevents infection and speeds up healing time.  Cool compresses may be applied if required.

You may develop small dry patches around the treated area, and then the veins will look as they have reappeared, this is normal and they fade and dissolve away in a similar way to how the body reabsorbs bruises.  The healing process can take 10-28 days to complete. Milia, if treated may be gently exfoliated away 24-48 hours after treatment. Skin tags may have a dark crust and should be left alone to heal.  The skin may have a pale tinge when the scab drops off.

Appropriate skin care will be recommended on the day of your treatment to help accelerate the healing process, protect the skin from the environment and enhance your desired results.

Individual results may vary depending on skin type, sensitivity, age, and skincare history

0 - 1 Days

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Thread Veins

30 Minutes

€ 150

Skin Tags

€ 100


€ 85

Price may vary depending on the number of areas to be treated and the number of treatments needed.

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