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Biologique Recherche Oxygenating Mask 100ml

Biologique Recherche

Biologique Recherche Oxygenating Mask 100ml

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Masque VIP O2 neutralises pollutants to prevent them from reaching the skin cells, and eliminates cellular waste built up by the oxidation of lipids and proteins. It also contains a moisturizing active ingredient that nourishes skin exposed to the atmospheric pollution of urban living. With skin thoroughly cleansed and clear, the complexion is more radiant.


  • Apply to the entire face, neck and decollete area
  • Leave on for 15 mins
  • Lather with cold water and rinse off using moistened non-woven gauze pads


  • Moisturizing agent: Marin Elastin
  • Purifying & lightening agent: White Clay
  • Oxygenating agent: Specific BR Oxygenating Complex 
  • Relipidating agent: Essential Fatty Acid Complex 
  • Soothing agent: Cucumber Extract 


  • Traumatised & stressed skin 
  • Dull & Devitalised skin

Size Available: 100ml

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