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Dermaviduals DMS® OM Ointment




OM  Reduces Essential Fatty Acid Deficiencies.  Fatty acids (lipids) make up all cell membranes, including skin cells. Healthy skin cells work in synergy to build a strong skin barrier. OM aids in the prevention and correction of skin barrier and cornification disorders and also lowers the rate of trans epidermal water loss (TEWL), keeping your skin healthy and beautifully soft.

OM  Anti-Oxidant Protection  OM  is free of water (so no bacteria can live in it) and is made up of a composition of vegetable oils, barrier substances (including Shea Butter), Evening Primrose Oil and Urea.

It creates healthy skin The skin’s ageing process is characterised by the skin’s irregular desquamation and loss of corneocyte compaction, which leads to rough skin. Urea provides humectant properties in OM (natural humectants deplete with age), allowing it to heal dry and flakiness, keeping your skin soft and supple.

How to use

  • To be used on very dry skins on top of their creams
  • Can be used on Eczema skins or eczema patches
  • If you work outside or spend time outside the product will protect the skin from pollution or harsh winter weather.
  • If your skin gets dry in the winter months.
  • If your eyes get dry can be used as a rich eye cream( use very little)
  • This product must be used sparingly to avoid overloading the skin; little and often is the key to maximising its effectiveness.  It can be used morning or night on top of your regular cream, or as often as the skin requires



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