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Laser Hair Removal FAQ

What lasers are the best for hair removal?

There are many types of lasers and you should do a thorough research before choosing a provider. Here at the Skin Lab are using top of the range, medical grade, proven to work Cynosure Elite lasers. The Cynosure Elite+ aesthetic laser utilises Cynosures in-depth knowledge and experience of both Alexandrite laser 755nm and Nd:YAG laser wavelengths.

Is IPL and laser hair removal the same?

IPL is not a laser and is inferior to medical grade, proven lasers. Some clinics offer IPL hair removal but the results will not be as effective. You will need more sessions to achieve hair reduction and it will not be as effective or long lasting. Learn more about differences between IPL and lasers here. 

How effective is laser hair removal?

Most of our clients achieve 70-90% permanent hair reduction.

How many sessions will I need?

An average guideline for results is:

Body Areas

An ideal candidate usually requires 6-8 treatments for body areas, to achieve between approximately 70-90% permanent hair reduction.

Facial Areas

Facial areas are slower to respond, so can easily take 10-15 sessions.

Coarser, darker respond faster.

Medium & light brown hair, results will be slower & not as good.

It is estimated the amount of treatments a client needs for facial hair, because it is dependent on how coarse it is, how dark it is and whether there are enough hairs present in the first place.

Fine facial hairs have less pigment & therefore are not treatable with laser. Electrolysis is recommended instead

Do I need a consultation?

All our new clients must have a consultation, so we can establish whether laser hair removal is a suitable option. Not everyone is suitable and we won’t sell you a service if we believe you will not get the results you desire. We offer free hair removal consultation and a patch test to determine whether you are a suitable candidate.

Before your consultation, please make a list of all the products that you are currently using on your skin, and any you may have tried in the past.  Please make a note of any reactions, good or bad that you may have experienced after you used these products.

When you arrive, we will work through a comprehensive questionnaire, where you’ll be asked about any skin conditions or health conditions you have.  We’ll also need to know about any medication or health supplements you may be taking.

Please ensure that you have no fake tan or moisturiser on your skin ahead of your consultation.  If you have any fake tan on your skin, it may not be possible to proceed with the laser hair removal treatment on that day.

During your consultation, we will patch test with the laser on the parts of the body that you require laser hair removal, and monitor for any reactions.

This will all help us choose the most appropriate treatment, and help avoid any potential side effects.

What else should I know?

  • No Heat treatments are permitted for 24/48 hrs (Sauna, steam room, hot showers & bathes, swimming)
  • No make up application for 24hrs, with the exception of mineral make up., which can be applied immediately after & at our clinic.
  • No application of perfumed products for 24/48 hrs after.
  • SPF 20 is recommended for 4 weeks after on areas exposed to sunlight. Tanning the skin is not advised between treatments. The skin needs to be as pale as possible for optimum results. (Tanned skin cannot be treated, as the skin will absorb too much energy)
  • Aloe Vera gel may be applied to sooth skin if necessary afterwards.
  • No waxing or tweezing of the hairs is permitted between treatments, as a root must be present in the follicle in order for the laser to work.
  • Shaving is permitted as often as you wish between treatments.
  • For body areas, clients must arrive to the clinic with the area to be treated shaved for the treatment, or else a charge of €50 will be incurred. It is more tedious for a therapist to clip/shave a client, as loose hairs present on a clients skin can risk their skin getting burnt, & can damage the laser hand piece.
  • Facial hairs do not need to be clipped/shaved back, as this is a small zone & easy for the therapist to clip.
  • In the unlikely/ rare event that a blister/burn should occur, you can apply hydrocortisone ointment. Do not burst the blister as this may leave a mark on the skin. Apply 3 times daily. Do not expose the area to sunshine, as you may increase risk of pigmentation.
  • Call the clinic if you have any concerns post procedure