Anti-wrinkle injections is a safe and effective anti-ageing procedure. Our monthly Injectables Clinic is popular with customers looking for a quick and highly effective treatment to reduce and prevent wrinkles. It is crucial to have as much information as posible and to never feel pressured into getting the procedure. Always make sure to do your reasearch and if you have any questions or doubts talk to a qualified and experienced doctor only.

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acne scars kerry

Client: Male, 21

Concern: Acne and Acne scarring. Vascular damage.

The Skin Lab Approach: rejuvenating chemical peels for acne, a course of 6 micro needling sessions for scarring, and IPL therapy for redness and acne.

Home Care Regime: Salicylic wash, retinol, hydrating hyaluronic serums.

Visible Results: 3 months

hormonal acne kerry killarney

Client: Female, 27

Concern: Hormonal Cystic Facial Acne

The Skin Lab Approach: detox purifying facials, a course of chemical peels in combination with bi-weekly light therapy sessions.

Home Care Regime: low % active alpha hydroxy acids and beta hydroxy acids. In conjunction with non-acnegenic, non-comedogenic cleansers and moisturisers. Oil-free SPF and nightly use of VIT A.

Visible Results: 3 months