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What we do

The Skin Lab Aesthetic Clinic offers the latest in cosmeceutical and dermal science devices. Seamlessly paired with dermal clinicians and cosmetic physicians. The results? Unrivaled skincare treatments, that provide the client with healthy, rejuvenated, radiant skin.

How we do it

Every client that comes through our door is nurtured through a bespoke plan, tailored just for them. With a focus on rejuvenating, resurfacing and refining our clients complexion. We want you to sit back and relax while our team of super facialists rid your congestion, refine your complexion and give you beautiful, healthy skin.

Meet The Team

Meet Claire

Claire Scannell started The Skin Lab in 2017 and is always on the lookout to bring in the newest clinically proven and science-backed treatments to her clinic. Claire knows, no matter how good products or facials are, they could always be improved further with the use of laser and IPL technology. She has made it her passion in life to not only master traditional aesthetic skills, but to research the world's best laser treatments and then combine them to make The Skin Lab Kerry’s leading award-winning aesthetic centre. Claire has almost 20 years international experience in laser and skin treatments and continues to educate herself and her team to the highest standards within the ever evolving world of aesthetics, providing the very best of non-surgical treatments.

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